Buyer sought for historic former school


"It's such a unique property in that it has eight buildings and a theater," she said. "It's not just an everyday type of community property. Some of the buildings have historic designations."

A rumored potential buyer is the city of Pearland, but officials there are mum on a possible purchase.

"So, our official comment is, we are not going to comment on any potential land/building purchases," Pearland city spokeswoman Sparkle Anderson stated in an email.

John "Mickey" Mark, president of the Pearland Historical Society, said the city would be best entity to take over the complex.

"They would probably maintain it the way it is, and the buildings would serve very well for office space," Mark said of the city. "I don't think the city would come in and tear it down. The city's always expanding; so I think it would be a good buy for the city."

ACC's tax district encompasses the Alvin area and a tiny piece of the Pearland community.

Fewer than half of the district's students come from within the taxing district. The community college also has a service area the district is legislatively required to serve that includes much of Pearland.

The college operated the old high school site as a stand-alone campus for college classes, continuing education and work-force training but stopped offering courses there in 2012 because of dwindling enrollment.

The college continues to offer evening courses for Pearland residents at Pearland Independent School District's Turner College and Career High School, 4717 Bailey Road.

A listing price for the campus had not been set as of Oct. 6. ACC officials have requested another appraisal of the property.

The future of the campus "depends on who would buy it and what they use it for," said Albrecht, who declined to say whether the city of Pearland is pursuing the sale.

"We'll be excited to have any variety of people to purchase it," Albrecht said. "We want to have it not be vacant any longer. It's in a prime location in the old part of Pearland and would be well-suited for a variety of different functions."

She added, "We'll be happy to entertain any offer from any individual or entity."

Mark said the property has a rich history.

The city built a two-story brick school in 1912 at the site. A hurricane in 1915 tore the second story off the building, which forced an exodus of students to attend classes elsewhere.

"Pearland high school-age kids had to go to Webster until this (high) school was built in 1937," Mark said. "An elementary school was built there at same time, but it burned down in 1944. A new elementary school was built at the site to replace it."

Mark said the campus "was all of the education in Pearland back then. Every kid in the Pearland school district went to school at that facility. The high school had grades 8 through 12, and the elementary school had grades 1 to 7."

Albrecht said the commercial broker could be brought on board in November, and a sale could follow in the coming months.

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