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Author: Megan Martin
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Internet marketing is crucial for a small business as it expands your potential customer base beyond your local area. Now that search engines have adapted to find personalized content for users searching for products and services online, small, niche businesses are becoming much more visible through online searches than ever before. Keeping your website current by frequently updating it will help it stay closer to the top of the list when someone searches for your product or service. Using multiple Internet marketing strategies will draw far more potential customers to your business than using one or two methods. The more methods you try out, the higher the likelihood that you’ll bring in new business.


Some new business owners who are less technologically savvy think that Internet marketing means getting people to look at their websites by simply advertising on other websites that get a lot of traffic. But in the modern world of social networking, e-mail and mobile browsers, there are a multitude of other marketing opportunities to try out. Rather than getting visitors to come to your site these days, it’s your job to reach out to potential customers in more ways than one.


Today’s Internet marketing goes beyond simply having a professional-looking website or sending out a quarterly company e-newsletter. Entrepreneur writer John Arnold notes that new trends in online marketing are on the rise, including video marketing, mobile marketing through cell phones and social networking marketing. While basic strategies, including a strong website and email advertising are important to your marketing efforts and should be continued, think about how you can expand your visibility by looking into new arenas.


Before you try out these newer trends in Internet marketing, survey your customer base to see if it’s worth it. For example, before you start a social network marketing campaign by opening a Facebook fan page or working with Twitter, find out how much your customers rely on social networking as a form of communication. Likewise, use your preferred search engine’s analytical tools to find out if people are visiting your website from a mobile browser. If they are, try sending out text message coupons or sign up with a small business marketing service that offers mobile websites. If your customer base is less interested in these new technologies, focus on frequently updating your website to keep content fresh and improving upon email marketing.

Expert Insight

Arnold mentions that one of the most important trends in Internet marketing for 2010 is consumers’ desire for personalized search results. Search engines themselves have adapted to search and deliver personalized content to their users based on the user’s geographic location and past online buying behavior. Arnold advises: “Make sure you allocate a portion of your budget to testing content, keywords and links that are targeted toward niche audiences. Test keyword and link placement in social media, local content and mobile websites, and make an effort to more frequently refresh some of the content you devote to search engine rankings.”

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