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Update: Patrick: I can push property tax relief through

Author: Theodore Schleifer
Publish Date: 
HOUSTON — Lt. Gov-elect Dan Patrick expressed confidence Sunday morning that he could accomplish one of his main legislative priorites, property tax relief, in the next legislative session.

In an interview on KPRC Newsmakers, Patrick said he has always supported lower taxes but now as the conservative leader in the Senate, tax cuts is something well within his power to accomplish.

“Now, as lieutenant governor, I have a little bit more clout to push some issues through,” Patrick said.

Patrick, the departing chair of the Senate’s powerful Education Committee, will be succeeded by longtime ally Paul Bettencourt in Senate District 7. An earlier version of this post misstated that Bettencourt would succeed Patrick as the chair of the education committee, which Patrick’s spokesman and consultant called to correct.

“I’m still actually chair of education, at least until next Tuesday when Paul Bettencourt, who is taking my position at District 7 for west Harris County, takes over, but I was chair of education,” Patrick told KPRC.

Bettencourt, a newly-elected legislator from northwest Harris County, has maintained a long personal friendship with Patrick. The pair serve as conservative talk radio hosts together on KSEV 700.

Patrick will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 at the Texas Capitol. He said Sunday that Inauguration Day, which will feature a barbecue with four tons of brisket, a concert featuring Lady Antebellum and an oath of office ceremony, required a fair bit of planning.

“I married off a daughter a few years ago,” Patrick recalled. “It’s like doing a thousand weddings at once.”

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