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Getting A Business License

Author: Devra Gartenstein
Publish Date: 
Step 1

Contact your state revenue agency. You can find the number in the blue pages of a local phone book, or through an Internet search. Call and ask the revenue agency to send you a business license application or download one from the department's website. Also contact your city or municipality's business license office and ask them to send you the necessary forms, or download these forms from the department's website.

Step 2

Fill out your city and state business license applications. Provide your contact information and an overview of your business activities, such as contracting or consulting. Mail the business license applications, along with the necessary fees, to the addresses listed on the forms.

Step 3

Obtain contact information for the agency that regulates your type of business activity. Do so by calling your state's revenue department. Call the regulatory agency such as the state medical board or agriculture department and ask about qualifications and requirements for obtaining the necessary licenses. Schedule appointments to take tests or undergo inspections in order to satisfy the criteria for your industry-specific business license.

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