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Yes To beauty wipes get new look from student designer

Author: Carolyne Zinko
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Graphic design student Jenay Valencia  made a winning proposal for what we’ll call a “fruit wallpaper” background on the cleansing wipes’ packaging, which hit the shelves of more than 20,000 stores this month. It may sound like a small triumph, but it was meaningful for Valencia, who has spent the past four years working as a manager for Togo‘s in San Jose, where she lives.

FIDM also enlisted the help of beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi) in the mission. As a class project, students worked directly with Yes To’s chief executive officer, Joy Chen, who became the class client, according to a news release. Chen provided the company consumer profile, demographic and psychographic data as well as the technical and brand specifications to be incorporated in the package design. Nilsen, based in Los Angeles, participated in the class by video conference to lend her opinions on the package designs. The entire San Francisco class flew to FIDM’s Los Angeles campus for the final presentation. Valencia’s design was inspired, company officials said, by Nilson’s appreciation for hand-drawn elements, bright colors and floral patterns.

“While creating this design, I felt it was important to maintain the integrity of the Yes To brand while allowing Ingrid’s influence to take the spotlight,” Valencia said by email. “To merge the existing design with Ingrid’s style, I interchanged the vector fruits with realistic illustrations, and switched the solid background to a floral pattern with a bright watercolor wash. While these design elements convey Ingrid’s style, they do not directly represent her as a person, thus keeping equal attention on the Yes To brand.”

Valencia also said the experience of working with a client was “awesome,” as was seeing how her design “grew and evolved with each review. What’s even better than knowing my design will be seen and enjoyed by many, is knowing that I got to this point by following my passion. Designing is what I love to do, and winning this competition is confirmation that I’m doing what I what I was meant for.”

Valencia earned an AA at FIDM, and is currently earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at San Jose State University.

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