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AP analysis: Top donors in gubernatorial campaign

Author: AP analysis: Top donors in gubernatorial campaign
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Including another $1.1 million in in-kind contributions of goods and services, the total is more than $49 million. Below are the top 10 donors to each campaign, including the value of their in-kind contributions. Collectively, those 20 groups and individuals contributed $25.8 million, or more than half the total raised in 2013 and 2014 thus far.

Including spending in the four-way Democratic Party primary, the campaign has cost in excess of $62 million, and is threatening the all-time record of nearly $70 million in Pennsylvania, set in 2002.

The next campaign finance reports are due to the state on Oct. 24, for fundraising and spending through next Monday. The election is Nov. 4.



1. Republican Governors' Association, $5.85 million

2. John M. Templeton Jr., president and CEO, Templeton Foundation, $920,000

3. Republican Party of Pennsylvania, $352,000

4. John S. Middleton, former owner, John Middleton Inc., $300,000

5. Pennsylvania Future Fund political action committee, $276,500

6. H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest, owner, Interstate General Media (parent company of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News), $252,000

7. Terrence M. Pegula, president and CEO, East Resources, $250,000

8. Albert Boscov, chairman and CEO, Boscov's Department Store LLC, $150,000

9. Lance Shaner, CEO, Shaner Enterprises, $150,000

10. A. Ross Myers, CEO, American Infrastructure, $132,000



1. Tom Wolf, $10 million

2. M. Thomas Grumbacher, chairman, The Bon-Ton Stores, $2.15 million

3. Louis J. Appell Jr., chairman, Susquehanna Real Estate LP, $725,000

4. Pennsylvania State Education Association, $700,000

5. William Wolf, father, $650,000

6. American Federation of Teachers and affiliates, $610,000

7. Service Employees International Union and affiliates, $607,000

8. Committee for a Better Tomorrow political action committee (Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association), $600,000

9. Democratic Governors' Association, $564,000

10. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and affiliates, $552,000 

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