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Underwater Robots Could Sniff Out Smuggled Drugs, Weapons

Author: Elizabeth Palermo
Publish Date: 
 Developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the new, oval-shaped robot may be small (it's slightly smaller than a football), but it features some big crime-stopping abilities. One side of the bot is flat, which enables it to slide along the bottom of a ship to perform ultrasound scans of the vessel's hull.
This ultrasound capability not only lets the robot monitor what's inside a ship, but it also enables it to detect false hulls and propeller shafts, which are commonly used by smugglers to hide contraband, according to the researchers. And best of all, the bot's propulsion system is specially designed to minimize visible wake, making the bot a good fit for jobs that require stealth, such as underwater patrolling.

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