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iPhone 6 deep-dive review: A major new step in design and performance

Author: Michael deAgonia
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Dealing with iOS 8
Unfortunately, the iPhone as it ships now has one major weakness: iOS 8. When I wrote Computerworld's review of iOS 8, I really liked the features, the feel and the overall design -- but, frankly, in its current form (version 8.0.2), it's buggy and makes iPhones sometimes perform unreliably. I've had apps just stop accepting touch input without cause, and the only way those apps responded again is if I quit out of the app and restarted it.
Other problems include random iCloud password prompts, crashes that bring up the Apple logo and several other minor, yet completely annoying, software glitches. A bug that actually deletes iWork documents from iCloud Drive made me pull my documents from iCloud -- which isn’t a ringing endorsement of Apple’s services.
Apple users have always loved that things 'just work' -- but Apple's software missteps are doing a lot to damage that reputation.
I mentioned several times in my iOS 8 review that the software contained some lingering issues, but that they could be gotten around. However, after a few weeks of using the final build and after speaking to colleagues and friends (as well as receiving email complaints and requests for help), it's clear that the bugs are more numerous than I originally thought. Making matters worse, days after the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 were released to the eager public, Apple engineers let loose an update to iOS 8 (version 8.0.1) that disabled Touch ID and cellular connectivity on the new phones.
Well, enough is enough. Apple users have always loved that things "just work" -- but Apple's software missteps are doing a lot to damage that reputation. Apple leadership owes their customers quality, and if Apple engineers are biting off more than they can chew, then leadership needs to push for more accurate and realistic deadlines than the ones they keep imposing on themselves in order to capitalize on the holiday season. Software (and hardware) should be released when ready, not due to some arbitrary and unrealistic schedule.

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