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Watch what you eat and drink...Really?

2012-03-06    By: Dr.James Parsons
  � ...

Diagnosis: Beware, Take Care!

2012-03-06    By: Dr.James Parsons
  � ...

Those Pearly Whites

2011-10-26    By: Dr.James Parsons

Mood-Boosting Workouts

2011-10-13    By: Dr.James Parsons
                                              Mood-Boosting Workouts!    ...

Top 5 WAYS to Cut Caffeine Intake

2011-09-27    By: Dr.James Parsons
Top 5 WAYS to Cut Caffeine Intake! Take it slowly: Experts recommend weaning yourself from caffeine 25 percent of your daily intake at a time. Trick Yourself: Fill half your coffee cup...

Food Fight

2011-08-23    By: Dr.James Parsons
In This Issue Food Fight!   ...

The Health Hazard You Might Not Heard Of

2011-08-18    By: Dr.James Parsons
The Health Hazard You Might Not Heard Of! You probably know your blood pressure and whether or not your cholesterol is normal, high or low. What about you’re CRP? C Reactive Protein...

Surprising Summer Remedies

2011-07-08    By: Dr.James Parsons
Surprising Summer Remedies   TAME BUG BITES WITH TOOTHPASTE A biting mosquito injects saliva into your skin, prompting your body to release...

Got Tummy Aches???

2010-12-17    By: Dr.James Parsons
Got Tummy Aches?? These days stomach disorders are a common occurrence, and with the holidays come extra food, extra stuffing and extra stomach discomfort. From acid reflux to bloating, there are all...

5 Healthy Habits in cold and flu season

2010-12-16    By: Dr.James Parsons
5 Healthy Habits in cold and flu season 1. Keep your distance – avoid close contact with people who are sick. And if you are sick keep your distance from others to protect them. You need to spend...
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