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January 2012




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Watch what you eat and drink...Really?


From Dr. Parsons

I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season and have settled into the New Year!

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I found this subject matter very interesting. New studies are revealing that a variety of seemingly harmless combinations of foods, beverages and medicines can lead to serious risks!

Read on.......

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Watch what you eat and drink....



Orange Juice:

A Canadian study found that a chemical in orange juice interfered with a protein that moves drugs from the small intestine into the bloodstream. Orange juice can therefore weaken the effects of some allergy relief drugs. Moreover, OJ has been shown to interfere with other medications too including the anticancer drug Etoposide.


Dark green veggies are high in

vitamin K which naturally assists in clotting. If you are prescribed a drug thinner, monitor the amounts of kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cabbage in your diet as they can counteract the effect of the medication.


We know there are definitely positive

health benefits from drinking coffee. But when coffee is sipped with a fast food meal there is a significant spike in blood sugar levels! A Canadian study revealed that a high fat content meal inhibits a person's ability to clear sugar from the bloodstream. A healthy subjects blood sugar jumped 32 percent. When the subjects were given two cups of coffee with a high fat content meal...their blood sugar double compounded the effect!!!

Sausage, Aged Cheese and Red Wine:

These fermented and aged food are all high in Tyramine, an amino acid that helps regulate blood pressure. Our bodies contain an enzyme called monoamine oxidase that breaks down excess Tryamine. Coincidentally, this enzyme is also associated with depression. Many individuals are prescribed a class of drugs called MAOI's (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors). An absence of monoamine oxidase in combination with sausage, aged cheeses and red wine could deliver dangerously high levels of tyramine which could result in a surge in blood pressure requiring emergency treatment.




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