Fire Safety By Roland Garcia


Fireworks are illegal in Pearland and they account for a substantial number of preventable injuries and fires. Parents need to be especially vigilant during this period to insure that children do not possess dangerous fireworks.

Citizens are encouraged to attend the City's public fireworks display at the 2011 Pearland Celebration of Freedom taking place at Pearland High School. The display is conducted by professional licensed pyrotechnics operators and the Pearland Fire Department will be on-site during the display at 9pm.

The City of Pearland Fire Marshall's Office will be on duty July 4th enforcing the ban on illegal fireworks in the City and in the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

Code of Ordinances, City of Pearland, Texas

ARTICLE IV. FIREWORKS Sec. 10-78. Illegal fireworks as nuisance; seizure and destruction. The presence of any fireworks within the city and within the area immediately adjacent and contiguous to the city limits extending for a distance outside of the city limits for a total of five thousand (5,000) feet, in violation of this article, is hereby declared to be a common and public nuisance. The fire marshal is directed and required to seize any fireworks found in violation of this article and any authorized deputy of the fire marshal, or any police officer of the city or any other duly constituted Texas peace officer is empowered to stop the transportation of and detain any fireworks being transported illegally or to close any building where any fireworks are found stored illegally until the fire marshal can be notified in order that such fireworks may be seized in accordance with the terms of this article. Notwithstanding any penal provision of this article, the city attorney is authorized to file suit on behalf of the city, the fire marshal or both for such injunctive relief as may be necessary to prevent unlawful storage, transportation, keeping or use of fireworks within the city or such five-thousand-foot area. It shall not be necessary to obtain injunctive relief as a prerequisite to the seizure of fireworks. This section shall not apply within any portion of such five-thousand-foot area which is contained within the territory of any other incorporated city, town or village.

(Ord. No. 513-2,  1, 6-11-90)

To report illegal fireworks, contact Pearland Fire Marshal's Office at (281) 652-1954 or Pearland Dispatch at (281) 997-4316 after business hours or on the weekend.

Roland L. Garcia
Fire Marshal/EMC
City of Pearland

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