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In 2006, when I was getting out of the hospital with my bout with Bacterial Meningitis, my family was told I didn't have a 20 percent chance of walking out of St. Luke's Hospital. After being in a coma and on life-support for five days, I woke up and left the hospital (with a little help from my walker) 12 days later.

I am convinced that my recovery was because hundreds prayed for me and God answered their prayers.

When I got home, the first family to come to my home was Larry, Kathy, and Neal McClaugherty. They were a tremendous help in preparing me for my recovery.

I came to know this dear family after they introduced me to Neal while he was still at Friendswood High School. I first knew him as the No. 1 fan of the Friendswood Lady Mustangs basketball team. He loved them and they certainly loved him back.

Neal was born with cerebral palsy and was a non-verbal quadriplegic who spent his days in a wheelchair. Neal never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him, though. He had little time to be discouraged and frustrated, and little patience with those who are.

I remember getting the call on May 9, 2010 to let me know Neal had passed away from some physical complications after being in the hospital for several days.

Over the past three years, Neal's parents, Larry and Kathy, have had a vision to produce a book that would help Neal's legacy live on. With the help of over a dozen of Neal's family and friends, the book has now become a reality.

On Saturday, November 23, almost 200 people gathered in Friendswood to celebrate Neal's life and to receive the official unveiling of the book entitled: Neal: Champion - The Journey: Morning to Afternoon.

There are some beautiful color pictures throughout the book that take you from Neal's birth to after he graduated from Friendswood High School.

It is a remarkable read that will tear at your heart's pages while making you laugh at the same time.

On the back cover are the delicate and tender words of a mother, father, and former Friendswood girls basketball coach.

You see -- Neal was the No. 1 fan of the Friendswood Lady Mustangs and he left a legacy with dozens of girls who embraced him with love and support.

The message on the back cover from his mother, Kathy, reads, “I held him as close as I dared. I whispered into his ear, stroked the soft blonde hair at the nape of his neck and I almost forgot to breathe. I had not been sure that I would ever hold him. I did the very same thing I did the first time for the last time. I cradled him as close as I could and I whispered into his ear that his Dad and I were there. Larry was holding his hand. I whispered how much we loved him and told him he was going home and he was free.”

The book would make a wonderful Christmas gift -- especially to parents who have children and not just physically challenged children. This book is a love story about how parents should love their children.

You can order this book by writing to: Larry McClaugherty at P.O. Box 577, Friendswood, Texas 77549. The cost is only $15.00. If you E-mail me, I'll be glad to send you his phone number to place an order.

Trust me -- this book will be a blessing to you in more ways than one. Please contact Larry Mc or myself.


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